Mean Greens

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Specifically Designed for Youth Athletes
Strawberry Kiwi Flavor
Dietary Supplement – 30 Servings
7.09 oz

  • Amazing Tasting
  • Fulfills your daily vegetables value
  • Time to change your overall physique and body
  • The one thing most high level athletes lack

Getting an amazing workout is only half the battle. Nutrition is the part most people struggle with. Proper, cutting edge nutrition is where top athletes can make their biggest gains on their competition. I know most athletes aren't the best eaters when it comes to getting in the proper amounts of fruits and vegetables. Compound Pharms “Mean Greens” is made for all athletes, especially youth athletes. We are providing the best green mix on the market and the exact green mix we use with our athletes & sons. Our athletes have been getting amazing results. Once they added their green mix into their diet, it changed everything for them. It changed their body composition, they gained muscle mass, and boost your immune system. It's time we bring our custom blend to all the athletes across the country. Our Mean Green mix is engineered and designed exclusively for extremely active athletes.

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Weight 7.09 oz

1 review for Mean Greens

  1. compoundpharms_l2zosx

    Tastes great!

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